Intaro is engaged into professional development of complex web projects using modern and certified technologies. The company also provides services for the maintenance and development of ready-made web systems.
We know for sure that the ultimate result always depends on the way it`s achieved. The experience and skills of our PMs and developers allow us to provide individual approach. We work taking into account specifics of the project and the business customer team, budgeting system and project timeframe. In order to achieve transparent and efficient development process alongside with the expected and successful result, we offer:
agile, scrum, waterfall approaches to the development process;

time & materials, fixed-price contracts.
adaptive layout;

JS (react, webpack);

using LESS и SASS preprocessors;

BEM methodology.
Intaro is one of the few companies in the market , which has competence "Large corporate implementation", "1C-Bitrix" and the the first company in Russia, which passed Symfony-certification.

We often face tasks that require multithreading. Our specialists solve them successfully by means of Go language, which allows to:

make hundreds of thousands requests per second;

create online chats;

create tracking services of bulk mailings, when it is required to track the deliverability, open rate and click rate when having the mailing with several million letters;

monitor one hundred thousand people or more in online mode (it is used in the DaemonCollector technology developed by us).
Carrying out similar tasks by Python or PHP requires more resources.

Our team is trying to minimize trivial activities, errors and risks, reduce the development time and improve the quality and transparency of the code. We are able to implement changes in a project without any difficulties, as we use:

code documentation;

control system of git versions in development;

separation on dev/staging/production-servers;

continuous integration approach, due to the using Git, Redmine systems and autotests in Jenkins.
The concept of continuous integration reduces the development cycle and, as a result, time2market functionality, which is so important for the business customer.
Intaro company has a large experience in work with highload projects. To prepare the projects for highload, we are making the following:
designing a fault-tolerant and productive architecture;

carrying out projects in the cloud infrastructure (Amazon AWS, Azure) and on dedicated servers;

deploying failover clusters of storage based on Percona Server and PostgreSQL in master-slave and master-master modes;

setting up the monitoring and notification system on the project.
After the successful development of the project we help to protect, preserve, develop the product and implement:
project safety audit;

support 24/7;

monitoring the status of the project.
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We are in web-development business since 2007. We rank among Top 100 RuNet web-developers and Top 5 e-shop developers.
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