Pult.ru for mobile devices
Pult.ru — largest HI-FI/ HI-END equipment e-shop in Russia. The e-shop was founded in 2003.

Today the company controls several offices in Moscow, salesrooms in Saint-Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Ekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Kazan, Chelyabinsk and Novosibirsk, listening rooms и showrooms.

To develop a mobile version of the e-shop, adapted for smartphone users.

    FRONT-END development

    Getting introductory from customer
    1. The mobile version of the website should be simple, easy and convenient. The mobile version functionality will be less, than one on the main website.

    2. The continuity with main website should be maintained in the context of outer look, but difficult design elements of the main website will disappear.

    3. A link to "full version" of the website is obligatory.

    4. The guiding principle of website navigation, webpage structure and etc. — market.yandex.ru website (mobile).
    We sketch main sections
    We draw several main sections in order it was clear for us for and the customer with main navigation and interactions. Also we try different variants of order card design.
    We collect drawn templates to interactive prototype in Marvel, show it to the customer and get feedback.
    In general, the customer likes the variant, we can draw further! The customer wants the system to be more alike the main website in heading. Maybe we implement a receiver?
    Nickolay Soloviev
    We try the variant with receiver and variant with stylized icons. We decide on the last variant.
    We draw all necessary pages
    We carefully work through all necessary pages. We draw main pages of e-shop beginning from the main page and first level categories till the last product page tab and pages of personal user account.

    We get the final approve of all templates from the customer, make the final revision send everything to composition! As the templates being composed, we draw minimalistic icons of product categories.
    Mobile version of the website or how to boost sales turnover for 50%. Pult.ru experience.
    Pult.ru launched mobile website version in February 2016. Let's take for reference the data from 1st February to 30th of June of this year and compare it to the previous year, when we didn't have the mobile version yet. The number of people, visiting pult.ru from mobile devices, has increased this year for 46%, by that the amount of desktop version users has decreased for 4%. This data tells us, firstly about the fact, that we paid attention to website visits number growth via mobile devies just in time.
    The amount of orders from mobile devises has increased for 55%, being the result of conversion growth for 10%, and the turnover increased for 50%.
    Khukhlayev Alexey
    The AOV has also increased for 13%, but it is fair to say, that many other economical factors influence this indicator. We associate this success primarily with the fact that the website has got a rather convenient and laconical catalogue and item selection filters. Also all item characteristics and descriptions with photos were saved with full adaptation for touch-devices. What is equally important, is that the amount of calls to call center after mobile version launch has grown for 12%, as the fast call functionality was implemented in mobile version with maximum convenience. We are proud of the results we achieved and continue to enhance and perfect our mobile pult.ru website version.
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