How we implemented e-commerce sales into the ecosystem of a large DIY retailer
We should not speak about business transition from offline to online, since it is neither a trend, nor a necessity. Online store is an integral part of trade, omnichannel strategy is a paradigm of the last years, knowing buyer by sight and greeting him /her by name is a sign of good manners.

"Baucenter", the federal network with 20 years experience, had understood the need for the new sales channel in its segment. Proximately at the same time the main competitors had come to the similar conclusion.
To propel DIY retailer into online business
    Frontend and backend development

    Integration with ERP and CRM

    Highload optimization

    UX/UI дизайн

    Integration with Avarda ERP system
    Increase of website traffic in 10 times
    Omnichannel strategy
    Implementation of retailCRM

    Why did this market segment start its development so late? The matter is in the architecture of solutions. The company had a lot of experience, some systems were implemented at the dawn of the Internet, so the process of closing up these systems would be very painful and expensive.
    Classic pattern: 1C-Bitrix and retailCRM
    The classic pattern of 1C-Bitrix as CMS for online store and retailCRM as order management system had become the solution of the situation.

    There were a lot of non-typical things. But let's start from the very beginning.
    • Initially, the product catalogue was realized. It was necessary to have an exchange of goods, prices and balances with Avarda ERP, which could not maintain exchanges with external systems. Another problem was the presence of the system`s local version in each shopping center. SOAP gateway, allowing to get the necessary data, could help here. (It could help to create an order and other documents in ERP system, get actual balances and prices). Methods for each exchange operation were being realized; methods were requested at events and changes (file exchange was already outdated).

      Thus, prices and balances in cart are requested by ERP system on the fly and they are absolutely accurate. This is important, because prices are constantly changing and there is a possibility of online payment on the website. Delivery cost is calculated by complex rules, the site also requests it from Avarda on the fly.

    • Then a good goes from ERP to interim stage - Bitrix, which is a a content management system in fact. Properties are filled in, photos are added, information is verified, the boxes are checked here and the good goes to the official website. One could have evaded this, but the interim site with actual content also serves for internal testing. During the realization of this stage, leadership had taken a decision to replace old photos of the product matrix with the new ones and recheck all properties. The process had been labour-consuming, while the results ambitious. Making shopping lists for customers showed the need in e-commerce channel.

    Integration scheme
    Launching online store required additional functions of Avarda, integration with the system in terms of loyalty program, calculation and сharging off bonuses, discount program, combining loyalty cards and many other things, which became familiar to the customers of the company's shopping centers (remember about omniсhannel strategy).
    Loyalty terminals
    Transferring that data to the gateway allowed to organize loyalty terminals. The loyalty terminals are information stands, where it is possible to combine cards registered on one phone number, check the balance, print out coupons - all things are automated.

    As a result, the customer base was streamlined and personalized, while sales data on the customers was actualized.

    One else global implementation is retailCRM. The system is integrated with a distributed IP telephony system "Asterisk". This allows to recognize the customer at once and communicate with him/her duly. An order is created and afterwards is processed by operator in retailCRM. All changes go to the ERP system and return from it in the online mode, that allows to edit the order during the conversation with the customer, see the details on reservation and actual order cost.
    About PRO
    The lion's share of the company's sales falls at professional buyers: construction companies and sole proprietorships with high rates on purchases.

    Of course, such customers have a personalized service, special loyalty program and other bonuses of corporate buyers. In technological sense, these business processes are absolutely new and they are to be described and implemented within the framework of exchanges between the systems. This model is complicated by the fact, that legal entity has different representatives and each representative should have a power of attorney, also legal entities merge into holdings and etc. In such conditions it is important not only to maintain customer experience, but improve it, since these customers are trade locomotive. For example, PRO customers can have orders assembled at different shopping centers of one town or sales in excess of balances.
    Summing up
    Enough ordinary case, implemented by Baucenter company, causes certain concerns from the part of the customers: company's head office is in Kaliningrad, while vendor is from Moscow and project team is from Lipetsk. Everything is solved quite easy: meetings with the customer several times a year to discuss the results and plans, creating issues in Redmine, Skype calls and communication via mail.
    The first sale on the day of launching the online store had become the unexpected result. It is difficult to measure both online and offline sales performance, that's why we believe that the omnichannel strategy has been implemented successfully and we already know how to measure the interpenetration of the channels.
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