Creation of a Helpdesk-system for technical support service

Flexible work process and specialist workload management, as well as availability of requests registry with convenient interaction history between customer and company member is important for any technical support service. Our developers have implemented these and other not unimportant features in Helpdesk system. Standard set of technologies was used:
— PHP-framework Symfony 2;
— PostgreSQL;
— Bootstrap.
Automatization of work of retailCRM customer technical support department. Improving service quality and increasing request processing speed.
Back-end development

Integration with CRM and Redmine
Integration with CRM and redmine task tracker
Main system block

Work with tickets
Analytics on tickets
Complete data change history on tickets
User management
Adjustable databooks on ticket channels and types
Let's have a closer look at these sections.
Work with tickets and integration with CRM / redmine

1. Key system part.
2. Allows to monitor ticket list and
search by many parameters.
3. You can form an answer to the ticket, see request history. Due to integration, technical support member can see, which customer account exactly he received requests from and also know if there are any available tasks in redmine tracker.
User management

This section allows you to manage user rights and create new accounts.

When creating new user you can set support member autosign, his rights and rules of notification about new tickets.

This section is mostly used by the support department chief. A series of reports is available here.
Separation of tickets by status, channels and types.
Solved and not solved tickets.
Average answer speed and its dependance on ticket type.
Time spent on ticket answering and their number by types.
Number of answers to tickets and time of their allocation among department specialists.
Development plans

Helpdesk is constatntly developing to satisfy department needs. Key development points are integrational. For example, due to system API development and its connection to the website or CRM-system personal account or due to adding of new reports for customer needs.
There are two main tasks in our department, as well as in any technical support service, that indicate of good processing of electronic requests from customers. They are answer quality and processing speed.
Karpov Ruslan
Helpdesk-system main features:
User-friendly message history between the customer and the support service specialist. Even if responsible colleague is not available at the moment and cannot answer the request, the person substituting him can get acquainted with all conversation on this request and continue answering to customer. Besides the concrete request history, there is general request history, using which you can quickly find the question you are interested in (for example if customer refers to the old request, but doesn't remember its number).
Building working process in such a way, that support team members didn't miss the requests and processed them on a point of order. This is achieved by means of convenient request registry, which can be tuned in different ways and for different tasks. For example, if requests are processed according to priority and by different specialists, then each specialist works with registry using his personal settings.
Integration with redmine task tracker by numbers and statuses of connected tasks, if a task was set during cosideration of customer question, we can specify its number in the request. And further on, when the task is completed or a specification is needed, the request to Helpdesk will automatically change its status and notify specialists, that a message to customer should be written. In addition to this you can set standart message sending upon completion of a task, that will also speed up the time of request processing.
Also, there are several small settings that allow to automate the work with priorities, show delayed or expiring messages, monitor new requests using personal e-mail box.

Analytics widgets and filters help to control specialist's work. To estimate specialist's work we use: quantitative indicators, speed of answer, activity estimation by requests (due to history). Also, the quality of answer is analyzed, answers of specialists are examined, search for taboo words is performed using filter.
New types of analysis
We do not stop on this data and are now developing new types of analysis, that would allow:

— estimate specialists' working efficiency (answer speed, work scope, time spent on requests);

— the amount of incoming requests from customers.

This data will allow to see the amount of work and general load of the department — how effective the work of this or that specialist is, and predict the increase of requests number from customers.

Also, what is planned, is the implementation of work quality estimation forms and building analytic reports on them. And also, a list of small modifications, that will improve system functionality.
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