Personal account for SimpleWine

Personalized prices for goods and offers
Automatic determination of order conditions by customer segments
Integration with external systems such as BPM Online and Navision
The majority of customers of Simple company are corporate customers: wine boutiques and restaurants reselling alcoholic drinks, as well as retail stores and retail chain stores.
Work with customers from each segment is conducted according to the special logic, starting with the creation of a customer page in internal systems and ending with the processing applications for a purchase. In order to reduce managers` burden we were to automate these processes and implement independent applications creation by customers.
Developing a personal account for the segment of corporate customers



Integration with BPM Online

Integration with Navision

Mobile version of the personal account
About the customer
Simple company is a leading company in the Russian wine market with a wide distribution network across Russia.
years in the market
3 500+
wine brands of Old World and New World
>1 000
highly skilled employees
Since the project was to be implemented as soon as possible, Intaro team prepared a list of functional requirements, integration scheme and the detailed plan of actions for all project participants.

Detailed business process maps were developed in BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) for better understanding processes which were subject to automation.

In order to implement new developments duly and not to break the existing logic of orders creation for private individuals (main customers of online store at that moment), it was necessary to take into account actions of the customer team and understand someone else's code.

At that time, work with orders of corporate customers was being carried out in BPM Online, while warehouse accounting and order shipment in Navision.

For integration with these systems, it was necessary to improve an integration bus (a "layer" between Bitrix - BPM Online and Bitrix - Navision). In cooperation with the customer team we created API and coordinated request-response formats.
Fig. 1. Integration scheme of Bitrix and external systems
Manager signs a contract with the corporate customer in Navision. In this program the customer is given his/her own personal identifier - a key for access to the main information about the contractor. Even at this stage the customer enjoys all the privileges of the corporate orders, working with a personal manager as previously.

For creating and using the personal account, one should pass a simple registration. The manager fills in the main information about the customer in BPM Online and enables advanced personal settings up to the personal greeting and menu to be displayed in the personal account.

After saving the data in BPM Online, the user with all settings in Bitrix is created, the missing data is uploaded from Navision and the link for setting a password to the personal account is sent to the customer.

It should be noted that the personal account can be both registered and deactivated from BPM.


Different customer segments of SimpleWine have their own personalized prices for goods and offers. Real-time integration between Bitrix and Navision was realized for displaying the actual personalized prices and promotions prices.
Before the creation of the personal account, customers worked directly with managers, giving them the Excel form with the list of goods to be ordered.

For convenience was realized an opportunity of uploading such worksheet with goods and, as a result, viewing the cart full with personalized prices and comprehensive goods` description.
Since for each customer segment is applied its own logic of order processing, we were to develop an automatic determination of the logic in further order movement.

For customers, having a license for selling alcoholic drinks, the order is uploaded to Navision and than to BPM with further delivery to the license address.
Other customers have not a license but different contracts: for purchasing water, alcoholic drinks or accessories. In this case, the order is created for customer pick up, and if there were all 3 types of goods in the cart, they are processed into three different contracts. Such order can be uploaded directly to BPM Online, bypassing Navision.

For the successful project implementation we were to take into account a lot of details and variants of the order conditions that allowed to implement a very convenient product.

After the order is created by the customer in his/her personal account, the manager receives a mail notification that it is time to process the order.

Usually corporate customers are interested in the certain product categories and goods. For a convenient filling up the cart, we added a section gathering together items purchased previously and personalized recommendations made up manually by the customer manager.
Order history contains data on online and offline purchases made for 6 month prior to the creation of the personal account. This is a convenient tool for viewing previous purchases. The most successful orders can be reordered in one click by adding all goods to the cart.

Developing and improving functionality of the section is being conducted, already implemented processes are being optimized even after launching the project.
We thank Intaro Soft company for developing a personal account for the segment of corporate customers, having been realized as a separate section on our site Via it each type of a customer has optimal order conditions. And integration with external systems (BPM Online и Navision) has allowed to build all work with customers in the best possible way, starting with registration in the system and ending with orders processing.

Perfect result of implemented technical solutions shows a high professionalism of the team. We are grateful for the work you have done!

Sergey Altukhov
IT Director of Simple

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