Adaptive version of NLMK Group`s website and other improvements
Customer from the TOP 20 Largest Private Companies in Russia
More than 60 tasks on upgrading the corporate website
15 specialists in the project team
The conducted audit of NLMK Group`s corporate website had revealed the need for improvements in interface and architecture of the website. It was decided to optimize and upgrade the system in order to increase its efficiency. Intaro team was to realize this in a short time and without an access to the customer server.
Optimization of the current structure of NLMK Group`s website


Adaptive version

About the customer :
NLMK Group is a leading producer of steel products in Russia and one of the most efficient steel companies all over the world.
more than 20 manufacturing areas in Russia, the USA, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, France and India
12th place in the rating of the Largest Private Companies in Russia
TOP 20 Largest Steel Producing Companies
At the first stage of the project the customer had developed bug & feature list with 60 tasks on upgrading the corporate website of NLMK Group. The tasks pool included changing the design and functionality of pages, creating new sections, expanding the content area of the website, developing site search and so on.
Business peculiarities of the customer require compliance with strict security policy,
that is why all work was carried out by Intaro team on Intaro test server and transfer to the production server was carried out by the project team of the customer. Implementation and testing required well-coordinated work of both teams in such conditions.
At the implementation stage of tasks on expanding the content area, the project team had conducted a usability analysis, which revealed the website disadvantages and the need for the mobile version.

Such large scale efforts can not be made without tender procedures (according to the customer regulations), which significantly increases implementation period. Therefore, expanding the content area of the website, we suggested to create an adaptive version for 780+ resolution, as well as a mobile header and mobile menu - this idea has allowed to improve the website usability on low resolutions with least financial and time costs.
Also, as a part of the project was the task to provide the user with complete information about key persons of NLMK Group.
Previously, when posting news with the mention of the company's key persons, content managers had to put links to their personal profiles manually.

At the same time, when moving an element from one information block to another one in the administration panel, for example, when changing a position held, links returned 404 error.

We have created putting dynamic links which are added, changed and deleted automatically that allows to save content manager`s time and avoid bad links.
Now when clicking such link, the user finds himself/herself at the page of the NLMK Group`s key person, where it is possible to get the comprehensive information about this person.

Also, due to automatic putting tags in the relevant news, this page contains all news and articles with the mention of this key person.
We have improved the website usability:
• conducted usability audit;

• designed and implemented adaptive version;

• created a cool script for "turning over" the pages of the corporate magazine - this makes the work with the magazine more convenient and effective;

• systematized and optimized information output in sidebars;
• improved website navigation, redesigning the sidebar and developing a mobile menu;

• structured search results in the website sections;

• provided the user with comprehensive information about key persons of NLMK Group.

We have improved the usability of the administration panel:
• optimized the work with reporting documentation;

• automated putting tags in news and putting links to the pages of NLMK Group`s key persons - this saves the time of PR department, when working with content.
We have thoroughly eliminated defects of the website.
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