Multisite platform for Inventive Retail Group
reducing financial expenditures on implementation, accompanying support and testing by 1.5 times
shortening time2market by 40-60% depending on task complexity
one account for all project`s websites
"We had 3 different mono-brand online stores of electronics, 6 fashion stores and 1 toy store. All of this was not necessary for us technologically, but if you start your way in eCommerce, you should follow it. The only thing that bothered me was the lack of transparency in the development process. There is no more helpless, irresponsible and immoral thing in the world than chaos in the development management of a dozen online projects. And I knew that we would plunge into it soon"
Portfolio with ideologically similar online stores which are the product of your own development team and several contractors, as well as stŠ°ff turnover, different levels of competence and customer understanding lead to the management chaos.

That is why the logical and the only right solution was to move the project pool to one multisite platform with a single line of logic and short time2market for innovations and even for quick project startup.
Moving the websites of Inventive Retail Group to 1C-Bitrix multisite platform

Multisite architecture engineering

One personal account

Integration with the loyalty program system

Integration with Fastservice

Marketing offers at the stage of shopping cart
reducing financial expenditures on implementation, accompanying support and testing by 1.5 times
shortening time2market by 40-60% depending on task complexity
4 websites with the single interface and content, admin account and account of a content manager
one account for all project`s websites
Portfolio of Inventive Retail Group includes:
Despite the cardinal difference in the specifics of goods (electronics/fashion/toys), all business processes were built on the basis of one technological platform. Besides, all projects had common logistics service and call center.

Tasks for each project were often overlapping, the same functionality was to be realized in all projects: different people were engaged into this on different projects and, as a result, the implemented functionality not only differed architecturally but it was time-consuming. Further changes of all those projects were also problematic.

Advantages and disadvantages of moving to multisite platform:
more effective development control

reducing time and financial expenditures on managing

single base of users

single interface

simple settings of the website
functionality malfunctioning affects all multisite projects

strict requirements to processing power and hardware reliability
General information on architecture
All multisite projects have the same logic, components, modules and integration with external systems.

But despite the common structure, each website has its own characteristics and functionality requirements to payment types, deliveries, catalogue structure, smart filter, URL generation, SEO settings and so on.

That is why all unique parameters and settings for each website were inserted into separate configuration files. Components and modules use these settings, adjusting their own functionality to the requirements of each specific website.

This is a big advantage of multisite platform implementation: the system functionality adjusts flexibly to the specific website by changing only the website settings, without affecting the very components, thus, the functionality can be scaled easily to another projects.

In order to connect new website to the multisite platform, you should:
fill the base with content;

create a file with the website settings;

integrate design with layout.
The central and the most time-consuming process - development of the website`s main functionality is no longer required, because almost all things have been realized in the other projects already. Also, making changes in the logic of functioning is not time-consuming in comparison with the development from scratch.
Interesting things
Receiving data on payments and deliveries (integration with fastservice)
RetailCRM software as a product has been implemented on the project, its functionality is used as the main system for managing deliveries and payments.

There are several delivery types on the multisite platform (customer pickup, courier delivery, delivery by shipping companies, express delivery).

Each delivery type has its own settings, also varying on the websites

  • minimum order cost

  • order cost for free shipping and so on
Due to Fastservice (an agent between the website and CRM/delivery services), the multisite approach has allowed to avoid unnecessary costs for changes implementation. Using this service, the website receives settings for delivery and payment types via API. The website itself transfers data on items and city and then receives a list of available deliveries with possible payment types.

Interaction of these systems:
Besides, if the service is unavailable, the website operates in a normal mode and uses default settings of payment types.
One personal account
Since all projects of the multisite platform operate on one database, the user base is also single. This advantage is used in the concept of one personal account, which was created specially for customer convenience - for an opportunity of making purchases in the multisite online stores under one account.

This means that a customer registered at, can use the same login and password for all other websites of the multisite project.
One login and password can be used for all websites
Separate purchase history on all websites
Customer contact information is on all websites of the project
Separate subscription settings for mailings on all websites
Unique bonus program for each project
Marketing promotions
Different promotion mechanics had been already realized in the retail network of IRG at the moment of multisite platform developing.
All logic of forming promotions on the updated platform has remained within the framework of 1C Retail. This allows to have one point of forming promotions for all sales channels.
In the implemented scheme promotions are transferred from 1C on the website request, Fastservice is the agent between the systems (as in the case with receiving data on payments and deliveries in figure 1).

Items and promo code (entered by the customer when necessary) are transferred by the request body to 1C from the website.
In its turn, 1C transfers information about the promotion and, depending on the promotion, total prices for goods or possible gifts.
It is necessary to say that sometimes 1C can form several promotions according to the ordered items. In such case, only one (the most desired) promotion can be chosen by the customer.
The scheme of receiving promotion mechanics from 1C was also implemented in retailCRM for proper order processing by managers.
As a result, an additional service for realizing marketing promotions within the framework of the omni-channel strategy has appeared. Target audience has also been expanded.
Integration with the loyalty program system
Calculation of bonuses for purchases is carried out in the external service - in the loyalty program system.

The service has an open API with many methods for receiving different information both on the customer and on his/her bonus account. Interaction between the multisite platform and the loyalty program system is based on this API. The website sends HTTP request (GET or POST) and receives data array in JSON.
All customers, who filled in a form for a discount card in a retail store, have unique identifiers in the loyalty program system, besides, the latter saves all personal data from the form.

Customers of online store can use a virtual discount card when making purchases in the online store. This card is similar to the physical one in everything with the exception of the card format.
In future the virtual discount card can be used when making purchases not only in online store but when making purchases in the brick-and-mortar stores of the network. Mechanism sending the card`s electronic duplicate to the smartphone has been developed on the website for convenience.
A separate module allowing all websites to manage interactions with the loyalty program system and set individual settings for each website has been realized in the framework of the project development. Managing the module settings is in the interface of administrative section of the multisite platform.

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